The Elusive "Brand"

You hear the word “brand” a lot these days. Listen in on any marketing meeting and someone will wax poetic about the brand. However, the question remains: What does “brand” mean? Is it a name? Is it a product? Is it just something that some guy in Marketing throws around when he's trying to get promoted?

In small to medium-sized businesses, resource constraints often dictate a company’s ability, or lack thereof to define its brand.

Instead, marketing activities stem reactively from the most pressing needs of the business while the wish list of Nice-to-Have’s sits in a PowerPoint until someone realizes that you never found the time or money to ‘have’ any of them.

For large companies, the brand simply gets lost.

Lost amid various initiatives that come down the pipeline from leadership; drowned out by the clamoring of marketing cowboys, pushing their own agendas; forgotten while your employees, juggling meetings and deadlines, can’t be bothered to remember the company mission, let alone the brand. Or perhaps worst of all: compromised by expensive consultants, who come in promising “game-changers” and leave confusion in their wake.

So, where does your company fall in all of this? What is your brand and what does it mean to your customers?

The Brand Ninja is a marketing strategy and brand services company specializing in helping you answer that question without monopolizing your budget or time. The Brand Ninja works with smart companies and helps them make smarter marketing decisions by simply taking a step back and understanding their brand and how customers perceive it.

Providing Fortune 5 expertise and experience, we are here to help you understand and refine your brand, enhance your customers’ perceptions of it, and create sustainable and integrated marketing and communications strategies to support it.

It’s all rather simple when you have a ninja helping you.

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